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Calling all adults!


Have you ever seen children participate in Summer Reading Programs, and felt a slight – or, maybe, substantial – pang of jealousy? Why do the kids get all of the fun? Why are they always held in the summer? And, where is my prize?!


Have no fear, the Westerly Library is here to address these slightly-ridiculous-but-nonetheless-valid concerns! We’re pleased to present our very first Adult Winter Reading Program, which began on February 13th and will run until March 10th. Here’s how it works: 1) check out a book (or audiobook) of your choosing. 2) Read (or listen to) said book. 3) Fill out a book review slip at the library, and submit it in our fancy book review ballot box. At the end of the program we’ll draw names to win prizes, so the more reviews you submit the better your chances to win. We will also be typing up and sharing some of your reviews, so YOU could be responsible for helping someone find a fall in love with their next favorite book!


To get you all started, I’ve put together a few reviews of my favorite books and audiobooks from the past year:


The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah


This was at the top of all the best-sellers lists, holds universally high ratings, and has been recommended to me by about half of the people I know…so, naturally, I avoided reading it for a long time because I was afraid it wouldn’t meet my expectations and I would be let down. Of course, this was a mistake. Set during World War II, the book tells the story of two Parisian sisters and struggles they each face as they fight to survive the war.  I listened to the audiobook (which is available in CD format at the library, or through Overdrive), and would highly recommend this format, largely due to the talented narrator, Polly Stone.


Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick


Anna Kendrick “the actress” is pretty unanimously adored for her quirkiness, humor, and relatability, and it turns out that Anna Kendrick “the author” is no different. She’s comically self-deprecating, honest, and writes with a tongue-in-cheek humor that you would hope to see in a 30-year-old writing a memoir. From her failed attempts at making friends in the schoolyard to awkward romantic relationships, the collection of essays reminds you that Anna Kendrick is, indeed, our collective spirit animal.


Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout

This novel, written in the form of interlinked short stories, depicts the lives of Olive Kitteridge, her family, and other residents living in a small town in Maine. The characters are well-developed, and the stories are both realistic and absorbing. The book won the Pulitzer Prize in 2009, and a mini-series has since been made (which is also available at the library)!

We look forward to hearing about the books and audiobooks you’re loving lately!


By Cassie Skobrak, Reference Associate