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Adult Summer Reading Program

Summer is just upon us. With so many outdoor activities to look forward to during the warm months ahead, it’s easy to get swept away in the planning. Barbeques, swimming, bonfires, days at the beach - all the summer activities we crave throughout the year are almost here. While it is easy to get out of the house during the sweltering hot months to get the exercise you need for your body, what we sometimes forget to do during the season is to exercise our minds.

We tell our children that they need to read during the summer to avoid what is referred to from the US Department of Education as the “summer slide,” which means a decline in their reading ability.  We offer Summer Reading Programs in order to keep kids’ minds sharp and on top of it for the coming school year. But what about our adults?

Well, don’t fret. We have something for you, too.  The Adult Summer Reading Program kicks off June 26th this year, and runs through August 4th.  We want to make sure all of our adults get all the brain exercise they need by signing up.   You may be saying to yourself at this point “Well, I really don’t want my brain to turn into zombie mush…but I have other fun things going on this summer, so I don’t have time to read books.” But listen up, because otherwise you’ll be missing out.

We know you’re busy.  That’s why our Adult Summer Reading Program is focused on you, the reader.   There are no pressing goals, we are not telling you what type of books you can and cannot read, or the format they have to be in (audio books are acceptable!), and we’re not even counting the number of pages.  We want you to go at your own comfortable pace, and as long as you are reading and keeping your brain active, you’ll get a reward (other than keeping your magnificent brain healthy, that is)! For every book that is finished and logged in, you will receive a ticket, which can be entered into a drawing for a gift basket or local gift certificates toward the end of the program.  Last year we had great area gift certificates to the Malted Barley, Savoy Bookshop, Herbwise, and more!  

So why not get started?  Come visit the library, look for some of those books you’ve “been meaning to get to,” and sign up for this year’s Adult Summer Reading Program at the Circulation desk.

You’ll be learning, page turning, and – by summer’s end – earning great prizes!

By Amber Lavallee, Circulation Manager