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Teen Garden - Week One

Fri, 05/15/2020 - 1:47pm -- SKobos

Happy Friday everyone!

One of the projects I was most looking forward to this year was working on the teen garden. Unfortunately, due to current circumstances, no one is sure when or if we will be able to have actual programming at the site, or asking teens to help out. But that doesn't have to stop Stacy and me from whipping it into shape and teaching you all the basics of gardening, as we muddle through learning them ourselves!

The Start

Often, it is very difficult for me to start new projects, especially when there's much to learn and do. And there's certainly a lot to learn about gardening! Sometimes it's best to jump right in, learn as you go, and do better next time if you can! So that's what I'm planning on doing here. 

To start, I just went around and did my best to straighten all the stakes. There was already a lot of work done, from past years with Melanie and Erik. Only a few plants seemed to be growing again from last year, which we think might be echinacea:

After that, it was just raking all the dead leaves and pulling up all the weeds. These were particularly interesting. When you brush them even slightly their seeds pop off and scatter everywhere, with a sound like falling rain. Evolutionarily, it's a great way for them to spread.

And after a few hours of raking, pulling, and tossing a really nice patch was cleared:

But there's still more to go!

Thanks so much to the park grounds staff for giving us our start and tools!

What will we be planting once the plot is ready? I don't know yet! This article has some nicce suggestions and I think tomatoes, sunflowers, potatoes, and zucchini are a great idea. 

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