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Teen Garden - Week Four

Fri, 06/05/2020 - 3:15pm -- SKobos

This week has been the most exciting so far in the garden, we planted all our seedlings! That "we" is Stacy the YA associate, Teresa the library's custodian, and me, Sandra, the YA librarian. First things first however, it was time to clean up the space yet again. After about a week of sunshine and rain, we came to see this, that the weeds had returned:

Luckily though, this time we had some additional help:

Alan, the superintendent of the park, drove over in the park's tractor to give us a nice hill of compost and to help us tear up all those stubborn weeds. Then it was time to plant. Luckily, Teresa is a wonderful gardener and had plenty of seedlings for us to pick from, she started the plants from seeds indoors. Stacy and I both agree we'd be lost with out her help, thank you Teresa!

And so we begin! Looking at the garden from the path, we started at the very right of the plot. We dug some holes and placed a shovelful of compost into each. Here we decided to plant some zucchini and squash. Taking out each little plant from its container, we gently squeezed the roots to loosen them so they could continue developing and growing in the soil.

And they're all in!

Then, across the back of the garden, we plant a row of corn the same way, dig a hole, shovel in some compost, loosen the roots and plant.

In the left of the garden, and circling the echinacea, or coneflowers, already growing from last year, we planted tomatoes. To me, there's not much in the world that smells better than a tomato plant! Teresa told us to be "mean" to the tomatoes, to pluck off the bottom leaves of the plants and plant them nice and deep in the ground. 

Between them and the squash, we placed some fencing and planted cucumbers. The fencing is there so that as the cucmbers grow, we can gently encourage the cucumbers to grow upwards. 

At the very front we plant a row of kale, which I personally think tastes really gross! I hope you don't agree because it is very healthy for you. Behind that we planted something I actually do love, basil. Making pesto pasta is one of my absolute favorite things to do. This is an easy recipe I make all the time.

Then we planted some okra in the front of the echinacea, and radishes behind the compost. Last in was some mystery plant near the basil, which we think is some lettuce or more kale.

It took hours but everything is in the soil! Last we watered. This first week I watered the garden every day it didn't rain so that the plants could properly take root. You want to water first thing in the morning or as it is getting dark, otherwise the sun will evaporate the water before it soaks into the ground. Next week, unless it is very hot or dry, we might be able to water only once or so. 

And that's it for this week! Next week we'll weed if needed, and hopefully be able to place some wood chips down to keep in moisture and hopefully discourage those weeds. 

Thanks again Alan and Teresa!

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