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Teen Garden - Week Eight

Fri, 07/03/2020 - 12:49pm -- SKobos

Happy holiday weekend! With all the rain we've been getting this week it should be no surprise that the teen garden continues to grow. Weeds have been slowly creeping back, and we were there today to pull them out.

What we think are coneflowers are still, by far, the largest things growing in the garden, and now they're starting to bloom. There were bees all over them which is a wonderful sign! Bees, and other animals like bats, are incredibly important pollinators, helping us grow the food we eat. Learn all about the good bees do here and here

The only type of plant not doing very well is the corn. It looked like some animal, possibly squirrels, have ripped out most of the plants and scattered them across the garden. We found the dead stems lying all around. This incredibly important crop actually has a pretty interesting, and often contested, history. Learn all about its journey to domestication from unpalatable plant to its current deliciousness here

But the cucumbers are budding and the squash/zucchini are blossoming. The tomatoes are getting large too and need to be tied up asap! We did a little of that today, but certainly need to do a proper job soon so they don't droop completely and have the tomatoes rot on the soil.

Looks almost the same, but we did get a lot of weeds out! Happy growing!

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