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Teen Garden - Week Eleven

Wed, 07/22/2020 - 3:35pm -- SKobos

So it looks like the poor peppers aren't going to make it! The plants are all still very small and I have my doubts that they'll ever produce any peppers. Peppers seem relatively easy to grow, but they do risk getting burnt by the sun if their leaves aren't protecting them. Learn about some of the most common, but hardest to grow, veggies here.

I thought for sure that the corn wasn't going to make it, with most of the stalks ripped up by animals earlier in the season, but the ones that survivied are getting big! 

Cucumbers are almost ready! And the zucchini are certainly going to do well. Those, plus tomatoes, are also what's doing best at my garden at home! If you're just starting out gardening, and you're a fan of any of those veggies, start with them!

You might think that gardens are all about growing food and looking pretty, but sometimes plants have surprisingly weird histories. For example, have you ever heard of tulip mania? In 17th century Holland, tulips were so popular and sought after, they could cost a person's entire year's salary! Or at least that's the common story. This article explains how that might not be the case. But if true, this is one of the first instances of an economic bubble. As I was growing up, Beanie Babies were my first experience with an economic bubble. Learn what that means here!

Happy planting!

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