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Local History

Discover the beautiful towns of Westerly, RI and Stonington, CT.

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Westerly Library & Wilcox Park
44 Broad Street • Westerly, RI 02891

Circulation (Publlic Services) x2                Reference (Adult Services) x3                Kids x4                Teens x5                Park x6

Adminstration x7               Outreach/Programming x8               Technology x9


Brigitte Hopkins, Executive Director                                                                    

401.596.2877 x303


Bill Lancellotta, Assistant Director                  

401.596.2877 x328


Caroline Badowski, Head of Adult Services            

401.596.2877 x307


Monica Brennan, Head of Youth Services                   

401.596.2877 x316


Kelli Butler, Director of Marketing and Communications     

401.596.2877 x302


Sara Clark, Bookkeeper                                          

401.596.2877 x333


Nick Engert, Head of Public Services                   

401.596.2877 x338


Robert Gizzarelli, Facilities Manager                             

401.596.2877 x314


Tim Hayes, Technology and Innovation Coordinator

401-596-2877 x311


Stacey Jackson, Director of Development

401.596.2877 x322


Colleen King, Teen Librarian                   

401.596.2877 x301


Krystal Laharty, Kids Librarian

401.596.2877 x337


Alan Peck, Park Superintendant                                                              

401.596.2877 x334


Cassie Skobrak, Adult Services LIbrarian

401-596.2877 x312


Amanda Wagner, Outreach Coordinator

401.596.2877 x342


 Nina Wright, Local History and Special Collections Librarian

401.596.2877 x310