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Local History

Discover the beautiful towns of Westerly, RI and Stonington, CT.


Internet for Beginners

Curious about this thing called the Internet? Then come to Internet 101 to get a basic introduction on how to use it, what it can do, and how much fun it can be to surf the web! For beginning computer users with basic keyboard and mouse skills

Tech Topics - Digital Privacy

As we move further and further into the Digital Age, we find ourselves confronted with questions about the information that we and our devices generate.  Who owns it?  What can we do to safeguard it and ourselves?  Should there be back doors in our devices' encryption?  Sit down with our tech staff, and learn a little bit about what privacy is coming to mean in a digital age.

Tech Topics - Artificial Intelligence

HAL 9000.  SKYNET.  Ultron.  Artificial Intelligences are a favorite villain of science fiction.  So why does it seem like so many people are investing so much time and money into trying to create them?  What makes AI such a desirable thing, and what might it really look like when we get a chance to experience it?  If you've ever been curious about what people mean when they bring up the topic, and want to get a slightly better understanding of it, stop by and see if we can help explain it.

Resume Writing Workshop

Whether you've just finished writing your first resume, updating your resume for a career change, or simply want a second set of eyes to check for spelling errors, stop by our resume writing workshop to get some quick tips and suggestions from our technology staff.

Please bring a printed copy of your resume with you.

Access to an email account is expected of all participants.  If you need help setting up an email account, please call the library at 401-596-2877 ext 311, to schedule an appointment with our Technology staff.

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