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Champion Trees: The Secret to Their Longevity

CHAMPION TREES: The Secret to Their Longevity.


Monday, September 17th at 6 pm.




Wilcox Park is home to more Rhode Island Champion trees than anywhere else in the state!  Champion trees are the biggest of their kind.  And size is one of their major attributes.  Who hasn’t been awestruck at the towering height of a tulip-tree, the mammoth girth of a beech or for that matter what seems like the never-ending crown-span of a giant Red oak? But while size is important, there’s something even more wondrous about these sylvan giants; their age. 


Some trace their birth to just after the Civil War, while others have lived the equivalent of three human life-times.  When the average life expectancy of an urban tree is around 30 years, somehow someway these elder statesman have found a way to defy time limitations. How have they done it? Is the answer linked to plant genetics? Or is tree longevity simply a matter of good fortune?


Please join us for this lecture where we take a fascinating look at champion trees and learn what’s behind their quest to live very long, healthy and productive lives.


Presenter: John T Campanini, Technical Advisor- RI Tree Council

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