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Katia Jirankova Levanti Exhibit

Join Katia Jirankova Levanti for her opening reception of Universal Fountains.  Wednesday, July 3rd at 5 PM

Katia Jirankova Levanti Bio -

“I arrived at the name “Subconsciounalism” to describe my work after studying deeply in

the philosophies and writings of a few authors whose understanding of the universe and

mankind - though originating from different ends of the scientific and philosophical world -

seemed to meet me at the apex of the symbolic pyramid. As one of them said, the four walls

could be seen as the four great world religions, all arriving from opposite directions at the

common point: where “The eye of God opens”.”

When Rilke finally completed his “Duino Elegies”, he had to step back and re-read them, trying

to understand what had come. It was a case of cause and effect in reversal, a mirror image. As

Katia progresses through a painting, she meditates for hours on the secret that’s trying to reveal

itself through the subtle channels of the subconscious, abandoning herself alternately to what

may appear at times the sincere trust of the child or the wisdom of the sage. When you stand for

long enough amongst Katia’s works, you’ll start to feel like you’re leaving the real world behind,

when in fact you’re entering more deeply into it.

The meditative, trance-like state from which her work comes is the birth ground of

epiphany itself and Katia brings forth her visions of a world even more secretive and unknown

than those magical streets of her Prague childhood.

For Katia, these four sides could depict quantum physics, psychology, mythology, and

art; her corresponding influences being Greg Braden, Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and those

artists like herself who are working from a place of vital co~creation, a meditative place within

which time and space, the archetypes, and the journey of the human soul all relate cohesively to

one another and speak with a pristine clarity, freed from the heap of human prejudice and

misunderstanding which categorizes the world in terms of its apparent opposites. This intuitive

approach to painting brings her through spiritual trips on the level of a deep historical

consciousness of humankind from which she is emerging like a bridge from this universal

memory. From her paintings you can feel she is levitating between the archetypes of primordial

history and quantum touches through time.

We are fortunate to be living in a time in which there are great breakthroughs not only by

seekers on the spiritual path, but also by their scientific counterparts. There is a slow but certain

dissemination into the collective conscious of the revelations of quantum physics, which

challenge our long accepted view of our reality in terms of the nature of consciousness, time,

space, matter, and the vast possibilities of other realities. All these could bring us gradually

closer to an understanding of the work which Katia has dedicated herself to.

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