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Feel Your Best Self! "A Holistic & Comprehensive Approach to Optimizing Your Life"

Join Dr. Craig Fasullo on Thursday, October 11th at 6pm for a discussion of the many different possible reasons you might not feel like your best self.  Learn about advanced testing methods for unearthing imbalance within the body, and simple steps you can take right away to start feeling better.  Optimal health is not merely the absence of disease but rather it's manifesting the most vibrant version of you.  Join us to learn more!

Dr. Craig Fasullo was raised in a small town outside of New York City. He is a graduate of Cornell University and the School of Naturopathic Medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. He has received extensive additional training in both botanical and homeopathic medicines with renowned experts in the fields.

Through many thousands of hours of clinical experience, he has become skilled in the treatment of both acute and chronic disease, focused on maximizing the health and well-being of each patient. Dr. Fasullo works with individuals in addressing a broad range of conditions, including gastrointestinal health, musculoskeletal pain, hormone imbalance, men’s health, and natural pediatric care. He has an especially strong passion for cardiovascular health, going beyond cholesterol to fully assess a person’s heart health and overall cardiovascular risk using cutting edge diagnostic testing, and using effective natural treatments that are often without the need for prescription medication. Over many years he has helped innumerable people overcome long-standing fatigue and regain the vitality of their lives.

As a licensed naturopathic physician in the state of Connecticut, Dr. Fasullo is able to use comprehensive testing and thorough diagnostic assessment to address each person’s health concerns holistically, taking all parts of the body into consideration.  Treatments may include lifestyle change, nutritional and herbal remedies, or varied musculoskeletal techniques.

Dr. Fasullo has been active on both state and national levels, working toward the advancement of naturopathic medicine in the United States. When not in the office, he enjoys running, biking, soccer, yoga, and the pleasure of relaxing with a good book.  He is also a contributing author to the forthcoming Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine textbook.

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