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Tech Topics - Artificial Intelligence

HAL 9000.  SKYNET.  Ultron.  Artificial Intelligences are a favorite villain of science fiction.  So why does it seem like so many people are investing so much time and money into trying to create them?  What makes AI such a desirable thing, and what might it really look like when we get a chance to experience it?  If you've ever been curious about what people mean when they bring up the topic, and want to get a slightly better understanding of it, stop by and see if we can help explain it.

We hear a lot about new and emerging technologies in the news, where it often seems like the reporters expect us to already understand the basics of whatever they're talking about.  If you've ever found yourself confused or frusturated, join our Technology Staff here at the Westerly Library for a beginner's introduction to some of these topics.

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