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Virtual Meditation with John Bednarik

Thursday, November 12th at 6:30pm  "Discover the Life Changing Power of Meditation" with John Bednarik via Zoom 

Meditation has become increasingly more popular. It provides many life transforming benefits including numerous physical, psychological and spiritual benefits when practiced regularly. By meditating we become relaxed and calm as we come in contact with a state of inner peace and wellbeing. Please join John Bednarik , long time meditator for this transformational workshop. 

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About John Bednarik

John M. Bednarik, OHST is a recently retired Assistant Area Director at the Long Island Area Osha Office in Westbury, NY. John is certified as an Occupational Safety & Health Technologist and is trained both in Safety & Industrial Health. He has investigated complex industrial accidents and illnesses in the workplace and has supervised a team of Federal Officers. He has a degree in Business Management, Marketing & Occupational Health. John now serves as a consultant in the field of labor law and safety. 

He has been practicing meditation for over 30 years and has been giving presentations on this topic for decades at numerous public libraries and other venues. In a very challenging and stress ridden occupation, John has held a lot of responsibility. He brought meditation into his life to help with his own personal stress relief and, experiencing its many benefits, now helps others to do the same.

John is also an assistant director of a children's meditation camp in Virginia. Sharing his time between Long Island and Florida, he has discovered a path to greater health, happiness, and peace.  He will introduce you to a basic meditation technique that can improve the quality of everyday life by reducing stress, improving health, and by beginning to see things with a fresh outlook.

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