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Save Big at the Library

The new year, along with the most of our well-intentioned, obligatory resolutions is gone. I’m here to tell you how the Westerly Library can help you do something beginning right now that will help you keep more money in your wallet, and isn’t that a great idea? There are many ways that simply anyone can benefit from all the Westerly Library has to offer.

Ponder the many free things at the library. First, a library card costs nothing for local residents. Come on in and get one! Now let’s assume that you read 20 books per year, and you especially like the newest best sellers. Did you know that the average retail price of a new, hardcover book is nearly $27? Those 20 new books are going to set you back at least $540 plus tax, per year.

I love magazines and newspapers. The average price of a magazine is almost $5.00. Buying just six magazines per month is another $360, and most of us just toss the magazine after reading it. Ouch!

A movie theatre experience is fabulous, no one is here to talk you out of seeing a great film on the big screen. But streaming services and video purchases are, you guessed it, costly. Did you know that the Westerly Library has a tremendous selection of current and older feature films, including TV series, foreign films and documentaries? Borrowing from our vast collection can save you, based on my not-very scientific observations of seeing patrons check out sometimes five videos per week, at least $3,500 per annum! (obligatory popcorn not included).

Social events cost money too. The Westerly Library offers free events nearly daily. Book discussion groups, yoga classes, story hours, crafting, lectures, musical performances, readings, workshops, technology, the list goes on and all you need to do to decrease boredom and increase socialization and connection to the community is come on in. Check out the current schedule on the library website, and click on the ‘Events’ tab.

Take a closer look at your own reading and viewing habits, do some simple math, and then come on down to the Westerly Library and start saving a little more of the green stuff!

By Marilyn Russo, Library Assistant